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“If a client has a desired result, our charge is to find a way to reach that end, if such is legally possible and feasible.”

Robert E. Kingsley, Kim Kingsley Bogard, and Paul R. Gant



The philosophy of Kingsley Bogard LLP is one of dedication to the concept of personalized legal services.  Because every public sector client is unique, we believe the needs and problems of each require a specialized approach.  This means working with the individual client to identify the specific problems that need resolution, and the means by which this can best be accomplished to meet the goals and objectives of the client and its governing board.

Personalized legal services also means having legal advice immediately available to the client.  We are available by telephone virtually 24 hours a day to assure prompt return of calls.  We also have taken steps to assure rapid communication with our clients, using telecommunications technology that enables us to provide you with the information you need when you need it.

A central focus of the Firm’s basic philosophy is prevention rather than conflict.  Consistent with this goal, the Firm conducts seminars and counsels its clients so that problems can be avoided.  The Firm’s attorneys have been highly successful in their representation of public agencies in a variety of administrative and judicial proceedings.  Perhaps the true measure of success, however, is that in most instances, the agencies we represent have not become embroiled in litigation due to the existence of positive management-oriented programs and other strategies that we have worked with them to develop and employ.

Pinnell & Kingsley llp was formed in 1984.  After the retirement of Jim Pinnell, the Firm’s name was ultimately changed to Kingsley Bogard llp.  In contrast to some firms, Kingsley Bogard llp exclusively represents management.  For all practical purposes, one hundred percent of Kingsley Bogard’s legal business is devoted to public agency representation.

The Firm understands, and appreciates, the role of an outside counsel who must work cooperatively and effectively with staff yet never lose sight of the fact that the governing body is the ultimate authority.

Attorneys within this Firm have authored many opinions on key topics for public agencies:  the Brown Act, the Public Records Act, and conflicts of interest.  The Firm has the breadth and the expertise to quickly and effectively address the wide range of issues that confront public agencies.

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