Labor Relations

Firm lawyers engage in collective bargaining on a regular basis. Our extensive experience  in this area allows us to effectively advise clients on all facets of collective bargaining, including negotiations, contract administration, impasse proceedings, arbitrations, strikes, unfair practice proceedings and PERB unit determination proceedings, other related matters. In the area of labor relations, Kingsley Bogard represents management in all facets of collective bargaining, including:

  • Negotiations
  • Impasse Proceedings
  • Arbitrations
  • Strikes
  • Unfair Practice Proceedings
  • PERB Unit Determination Proceedings

Bargaining & Impasse and Work Stoppage

The service that we provide is determined by the client’s needs. Sometimes we are a visible part of your negotiating team and sit at the bargaining table. Sometimes, the relationship with your union(s) dictates that our role should be more passive – behind the scenes by drafting bargaining proposals, analyzing union proposals and developing bargaining strategies. Should a bargaining impasse be reached, we guide you through the mediation and fact finding in a manner designed to support your fiscal priorities and your core values. In some instances, it may become necessary for the employer to make contingency plans for work stoppage. Should that need arise, our attorneys have the experience to assist in their preparations.

Contract Administration

Our attorneys are skilled at conducting internal investigations and solving grievances. When solution is not possible, we take pride in our records of successful representation before arbitratiors, personnel boards and administrative law judges.

Public Employment Relations Board Representation

When clients have a need for legal representation in PERB proceedings, Kingsley Bogard attorneys are ready to assist. Our attorneys have had many years experience representing clients in all aspects of PERB proceedings and subsequent court appeals. In fact, Robert E. Kingsley served as the Assistant Executive Director of PERB for over six years before founding the Firm in 1984.

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